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Transporting temperature-sensitive goods in the GTA can be a tricky proposition, especially in the summer. But, given Canada’s ever changing climates, our refrigerated vans are, in reality, necessary for all four seasons.  

Our vans utilize only the best industry-leading technology to give you complete climate control and standby technology all day, every day. Whether you are looking for something to help facilitate business during the peak summer season, or need a one-off rental for a wedding or catering job, we have got you covered. To learn more please contact our Toronto or Vaughan location.

Summer temperatures can easily turn the inside of a vehicle into an oven. That is something that is simply out of the question for local business owners, so they turn to refrigerated transportation experts like CoolVans for help. Did you know that our vans don’t just cool and/or freeze they can also get to the temperature of +18 degrees Celsius? Conversely, winter temperatures can be damaging to the integrity of your product. We are one of Toronto and the GTA’s premier refrigerated van rental service and sellers.

A new model refrigerated van carrying climate sensitive produce

Industry-Leading Technology To Rent Or Own

We are a top-rated local business with years of experience in the industry, and priority to attain our commitment to customer needs and satisfaction. We’ve established a reputation in the region that we are very proud of. We spend day and night making sure that our vans and technology are in full working order and ready for use so that you never have to worry about reliability. We make customers’ lives easier.

Have you seen the inside of our vans? They are clean enough you could eat off the floor! We make sure that every van is properly and safely sanitized after every use.

CoolVans has been a top choice for major corporations and government departments due to the efficiency and cleanliness of our refrigerated vans. We also offer our customers the opportunity to invest in and own their own vans. You may decide that making a long-term capital investment in a refrigerated van makes more sense for you. Well, we have a number of top-of-the-line, immaculately maintained, clean and low-high mileage vehicles for sale.


2 Person Seating

New model Refrigerated van GTA

Food Distribution

Bakery Items

Pasta Retailers

Fish Retailers

Spacious 11′ x 5′ x 4′

Ford Refrigerated van Toronto

Ice Cream Distribution

Pet Food Distribution

Vaccine/Medical Delivery

Thrift Shops Sanitization

Convenient Storage

3/4 ton refrigerated van serving the GTA

Hospital Delivery

Restaurant Food Distribution

HVAC Item Delivery

Farm Goods Delivery

Efficiency Is Our
Middle Name

Driving a  refrigerated van
Delivery fresh cooled fish

Our vans stay cool even when they are turned off. The standby mode lets you control the temperature when the engine isn’t running. You no longer have to emit emissions to keep your products fresh. Electric standby refrigeration uses an external electricity source and electric motor to maintain the internal temperature of the refrigerated cargo area during extended stops or to pre-cool the refrigerated cargo area prior to loading – thereby reducing the cooling energy required on vehicle start-up. 

Frozen and cooled food delivery

Plug-in electric standby or shore power on a refrigerated van allows the unit to continue operating on the electric power grid when the vehicle is stopped and switched off. A separate electric motor and compressor allows the refrigerated unit to operate from 115v dedicated 20 AMP electric service outlet. This option is best suited for applications that require the cargo to be cooled even when vehicle is stationary.

Fresh pasta distribution in the GTA

This means you get peace of mind day and night that your temperature-sensitive goods are well looked after and at the same time being mindful of the environment. Welcome to CoolVans GTA, your partner in refrigerated transportation.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Rented from Cool Vans this past weekend for a catering operation at a large music festival. We received our vehicle cleaned top to bottom, inside and outside. The cab even smelled like berries! The vehicles are the traditional white cargo vans. You lose a few inches of space from the floor, walls and roof but that's obviously for insulation. The interior appeared to be stainless steel and with those bumps to keep items from sliding around.

Runs off the van engine while commuting and they provide you with a power cord that will connect to any basic 15/20 amp connection. The temperature control is in the cab of the van. Although it's obviously not a "walk in", but it's like having a mini walk in fridge with you on site. Pack wisely based on your needs but they have the side doors as well."

Bill Dineley

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    To book a vehicle online now, please use our easy and quick vehicle registration form. Start now!

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