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We Are Industry Vets

CoolVans was started back in 2007 with one goal in mind: to provide the GTA with the best, most reliable and clean refrigerated van service out there. Canadian weather means that our climates drastically change all the time that is why our solution for you is a refrigerated van so that your product can always be in the perfect temperature for transport. Whether you need a refrigerated van during the summer or in the middle of the winter we know that your business relies on our trucks to deliver your product safely and efficiently.

Cool Vans Refrigerated Van interior

When we started this business we wanted to be able to provide the people of the GTA with a chance to experience customer service as they had never before. With more than a decades in this industry, going above and beyond our customers’ expectations comes naturally to us. We buy, equip and offer only the best refrigerated vans on the market, so that your product transportation needs are always met.

Refrigeration in the GTA is a Vital Service

Whether you realize it or not, refrigerated vans and refrigerated transportation help facilitate commerce in the GTA. We take our economic role seriously and strive to ensure that each and every person who picks up the phone to call us, or who walks into our store is treated as an individual with unique business and personal needs. Let us accommodate you

Refrigeration in the GTA is a Vital Service

We are here to help you out of sticky situations, our climate controlled vans are equip with stand-by system that have kept businesses running when their fridge or refrigerated van breaks down. The stand- system allows you to simply plug our van into a power source so that you can have an instant refrigerator to operate your business.

The stand-by system is not only convenient for business operation, but it is also environmentally friendly. Instead of running the refrigerated van’s gas engine to cool your product, you can simply use the electric stand-by system to cool or heat your product.

To get the most out of a CoolVan it is best to operate as follows:

  • Pre-chill the cargo area for 30 minutes before loading on very hot days.
  • Always switch the refrigerated unit off while loading product into the cargo area and minimize the amount of time the doors are left open while unloading.
  • Always make sure the product(s) is stored at the correct temperature before loading.
  • Ensure that any cargo is not blocking the evaporator air intake or outlets and allow sufficient space 360 degrees around the load for optimal air circulation.
  • Regularly check the cargo’s temperature. If you are using the power standbyCheck the load
  • When using power standby check that the mains power supply is suitably rated to power the reefer unit. 
  • Switch the vehicle engine and cab control off before connecting to the main power.
  • Avoid using additional extension leads on electric standby and keep in mind the maximum length of the standby cable is 25 feet.

We started this business to provide reliable solutions to real transportation and refrigerations needs, which is why our customers come back to us time and time again.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Rented from Cool Vans this past weekend for a catering operation at a large music festival. We received our vehicle cleaned top to bottom, inside and outside. The cab even smelled like berries! The vehicles are the traditional white cargo vans. You lose a few inches of space from the floor, walls and roof but that's obviously for insulation. The interior appeared to be stainless steel and with those bumps to keep items from sliding around.

Runs off the van engine while commuting and they provide you with a power cord that will connect to any basic 15/20 amp connection. The temperature control is in the cab of the van. Although it's obviously not a "walk in", but it's like having a mini walk in fridge with you on site. Pack wisely based on your needs but they have the side doors as well."

Bill Dineley

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